The Dilemma

Matt Cameron was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Smokers Lung Cancer at the age of 46 in 2017. His doctors told him that he would not survive the disease, although new therapies may be able to keep him alive – and hopefully active – for several years. Matt has accepted the diagnosis with his usual aplomb and with a big smile on his face. (See “The Dirty Bird” story below.) He has a great trust in God. As with all cancer, there is always an element of unpredictability. What Matt does NOT want to be unpredictable is the care of his beautiful wife Tatiana and his three sons.


He has lived his life helping others, which is actually his true passion. Matt has always been especially interested in boosting artists who are trying to make a positive impact on society through their work. That was one of the things that led him into a meeting with his future wife Tatiana. A superstar vocalist in Yugoslavia, “Tajci” was a new and unknown immigrant to America when they started dating. As a team – both in marriage and in careers – Matt and Tajci were able to parlay their individual skills into a working business. While she composed, recorded and performed, Matt promoted, booked, and managed. Their work has always been God-centered, telling her story from secular pop star in a Communist country to a practicing Catholic in America, singing songs about faith, grace, and mercy. Like MOST musicians in America, their endeavors were anything but lucrative. Yet, Matt and Tatiana lovingly brought three sons into the world.

Now, with Matt’s life LITERALLY on the line, his thoughts naturally turn to his boys Dante (16), Evan (14) and Blais (11.) He wants them to have the opportunity to attend college without piling up massive debt. Unfortunately, cancer treatment and lost income from the disease will cut into the Camerons small savings immediately. Matt’s old adventuring buddies, The Tumbleweeds, have started a fund to put his sons through college. They are asking your help to put Matt’s mind (and savings account) at ease during this traumatic time.

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