The Tumbleweeds


Anyone who knows Matt will tell you he is not a worrier… he is an adventurer.  Matt’s CB call name “Tumbleweed” was the origin of name for his group of young travelers. Matt and the other Tumbleweeds traveled on the cheap – for at least a month at a time – throughout America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa during the 1990’s. Matt credits those trips with setting the course for his life and considers them to be a pivotal part in his maturation into manhood.

Matt and Tumbleweeds’ co-founder Chris Foley – who met at Christendom College in Virginia – always liked the idea of passing the Tumbleweeds mantle onto their sons. Chris got the idea from his own dad’s cross-country trip in 1947, but has no children of his own. It is the fond hope of Chris and Tumbleweed Greg Bodoh, who conceived of the fund, that Matt’s boys will be able to finish college debt-free. Then, maybe Dante, Evan and Blais Cameron can scrape together a few hundred bucks, grab a backpack, and do some world traveling… just like their dad did!


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