2nd Tolton Novena to Include Pilgrimage

A second novena to Servant of God, Father Augustine Tolton will be said for a miraculous cure of Matt Cameron.  The novena will go from July 1st to 9th, and culminate in a mini-pilgrimage to follow in “Father Gus'” footsteps.

July 9th is the 120th Anniversary of Tolton’s death.  He passed away of heat stroke in Chicago at the age of only 43.

A public facebook event is linked here. Click GOING if you can say all nine days.

The actual text of the prayer is here.

If you would like to meet me near Hannibal, Missouri on the afternoon of July 7th or 8th for the pilgrimage, please email me at chrisfoley@yahoo.com.   I can give you a mini tour of the places Father Tolton lived and worked in Missouri and across the river in Illinois, where I will visit his grave.  We can pray along the way for Matt’s miracle!

There is an outside chance Matt himself will be joining me if he is feeling well enough to travel!

You can find out more about Matt and his battle with Stage IV Non-Smokers Lung Cancer, by going to this blog home. 

Matt has decided to entrust his miracle to Father Gus, who also needs to have a miracle attributed to him in order for his Sainthood to be declared by the Catholic Church.  Bishop Joseph Perry of Chicago, who is the postulator for Tolton’s canonization cause in Rome, joined us during our first novena.  The bishop also visited Matt recently at the hospital to bless him and pray to Father Gus together.


Bishop Perry to Join Novena For Matt

I reached out to Bishop Perry, the postulator for Fr.Tolton’s cause in Rome. He was nice enough to respond with the following quote about Matt and about how miracles are looked at in a beatification process:

“I appreciate this news about Matt’s referral of his health to Father Tolton. I will schedule my prayer during June 9-17 to include the Tolton prayer card for Matt. Might I add here — important in these matters for Rome is that we document when the prayer starts, when it ends if it ends, who is praying and where; the nature of the health situation upon start of the novena and notation of any changes in the health condition throughout the campaign of prayer. Rome prefers that one saint-candidate is used for intercession and tends to reject a proposed miracle if more than one saint is prayed to in these matters.”

In other words, ALL public prayer for Matt should be directed through Father Augustine Tolton’s intercession.  This is Matt’s wish – personally stated to me – and it is the way that opens the possibility for the miracle to be considered in Fr.Tolton’s beatification process.

Thanks for your prayers!

Here is that link again to the prayer (written by Perry) to be said from the 9th to the 17th.

Then we are asking you to dedicate your Mass and Communion on the 18th for Matt’s cure through Fr.Tolton’s intercession.

Matt Entrusts His Miracle to “Father Gus”

Matt has decided to entrust his miracle cure to Father Augustine Tolton (1854-1897.)  As many of you already know, Matt is suffering from Stage IV Cancer.


From Matt’s brother, Father Ben Cameron, who launched the campaign:

We are asking that you pray for a miracle through the intercession of the Servant of God, Fr. Augustine Tolton, who was the first African-American ordained to the priesthood. The official prayer is here:

Since Fr. Tolton was very devoted to the Most Blessed Sacrament, we are asking for everyone to join us in a novena from June 9-17, and then to offer your Mass, Holy Communion, and participation in Corpus Christi devotions on Corpus Christi Sunday for Matthew’s healing and Fr. Tolton’s beatification.”

So, we are asking EVERYONE to pray the Tolton prayer above for those 9 days and then to go to Mass the next day for Matt’s intention.

The official Facebook Event is here and is open to the public:


Go to that page, and click “going” if you can do all the devotions.  Click “interested” if you can say other prayers for Matt.



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