CAR-T Cell Process Starts Now for Matt

Matt’s CAR-T Cell procedure starts today!  He is in the very first group to try this new technology for this type of cancer.  The process involves taking Matt’s cells out, then training them in a laboratory to fight cancer.  When that process is done in September, the cells will be re-inserted into Matt’s body to go to war.

Matt had a scare yesterday when it appeared that he had failed the final test to determine if he could participate in CAR-T.  I’ll let him tell the story:

“Almost positive the crisis was side stepped (thank you all for the prayers and thank GOD for hearing them.)

I passed all the lung tests (that I found out I failed a few hours ago).

Today I failed the first one as well (not much I could do) and the technician (God bless Diane) asked “how tall are you?” I said I was 6′. She persisted “when was the last time someone measured”. I said that I’ve been regularly measured at the Dr’s offices.
She persisted further “mind if I measure”. I said sure but I was curious why. She explained that 1″ or even 1/2 inch shorter would give me a different body mass which would effect the tests.

We measured: sure enough I was shorter. And, thank God, the numbers changed and suddenly I passed the test I had failed. (She didn’t fudge the numbers – cancer and age just ate an inch of my height.)

I never imagined I’d be so happy to be a bit shorter. That literally might have kept me in the trial and, in time, save my life.

And so, I’m back on schedule to give them my white blood cells tomorrow (and I’ll get them back, by the billions and trained to kill my cancer) around my birthday (mid September).

Thank you all – and God bless you each and every one!”

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