3rd Tolton Novena for Matt’s Birthday

As many of you know, Matt is entering a crucial stage in his cancer treatment.  His fortified cells are to be injected back into him on October 6 as part of the CAR-T therapy.  In the meantime, the cancer has spread to other parts of his body, causing him breathing and heart problems.  Matt is back in the hospital here in Nashville, praying that he can stay well enough to participate in the CAR-T.

We are turning once again to Father Tolton’s intercession for Matt.  Please join us in saying the Father Augustine Tolton prayer for 9 days.  We’ll start on the Feast of Mary’s Seven Sorrows on Friday, September 15th and conclude on Matt’s birthday on the 23rd.

Here is a link to the FACEBOOK EVENT where you can pledge your support.

Here is a link with the text of the PRAYER we will be saying.



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