Matt Closes in on CAR T Miracle?

As Matt Cameron’s army of prayer warriors continue to beg God (and his friends in heaven) for a miracle, the answer MAY have arrived in an unexpected form.

Matt has been approved to take part in a trial procedure called CAR T Cell Therapy.  This process has worked wonders on other forms of cancers, and Matt will be in the first group in the world to undergo treatment for Stage IV “hard” lung cancer.  The process involves removing Matt’s cells, fortifying them in a lab to fight cancer, and then re-inserting them.  The first stages are complete and the re-insertion is now scheduled for October 16th.

The trial for Matt has been at risk due to several health issues related to his cancer, but as of today – October 4 – he has the green light.

From Matt:  “All systems are a GOOOOOO!!!!!   whew.  🙂  Grinning.  Getting a biopsy today.  I’m on the HOME STRETCH.  Start getting chemo on Mon (three days). And I get admitted on Sun the 15th (evening) and they give me my cells on Mon.  And watch me for 2-5 days (might be longer … they really don’t know).  And then … God knows.  The researcher Docs said that the results in the blood cancers are nothing short of staggering.  She said it is like when the polio vaccine was discovered. They really don’t know what to expect with hard cancers like mine – but hopes are high.  Thanks for the prayers!!!!!”

Please keep the prayers coming!  Matt has a special devotion to Father Augustine Tolton, the first African American priest, who he is producing a movie about.  Asking “Father Gus’s” intercession for Matt is greatly appreciated.  Tolton needs a miracle to be attributed to him in order to be raised to sainthood; as you know, Matt needs a miracle too!

You can also help by contributing to the college fund that has been set up for Matt’s 3 sons.  Click here.

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